Back to School Style Guide

Hi there and thanks for joining me on my first adventure into blogging! I hope you enjoy it.....

With the summer break almost over it’s time to stock up for back to school. It’s not most parent’s idea of fun but fear not, it doesn’t have to be all about lunch kits and “sensible” shoes! What if we told you “back to school” shopping is for moms too!.........That peaked your interest didn’t it?

Of course moms deserve to look as incredible as they are and who doesn’t want to look like they spent hours getting ready on a morning when in fact they spent less than 15minutes!
Let’s be real here, mornings are pretty frantic, and time is something parents do not have a lot of. So first things first……leggings ARE pants! And are the ultimate in versatility. Pair them with a tee or a workout shirt and of course a top knot and you can pull off the “I’m just going to the gym” look. Or, if you have a few extra minutes, dig out some tan ankle boots, a baggy graphic shirt and a slouchy cardigan for a super cute, modern look.

Now for the kiddos:

We all know that kiddos are none stop energy machines so their clothes should be able to keep up with the rough and tumble while still looking ‘on point’. Therefore comfy and breathable fabrics are a must. Bamboo is one of our all time favourites. It’s light, buttery soft on the skin and breathable and is used for a large portion of our items.

We also know how kids just happen to be dirt magnets and with all that action they tend to get rather sweaty. So another awesome quality of Bamboo is the fact that it has a unique, natural antimicrobial bio-agent called “Bamboo Kun” which is found naturally in the fibres of Bamboo. Making the fabric antibacterial, anti-fungal and odour resistant. You won’t find anything like this in cotton!

In addition Bamboo clothes can be worn all year round as they keep you cool in summer and warm in winter AND Bamboo fibres are biodegradable! #happyplanet

Honestly  I could go on and on about this wonderful fabric..…but I won’t.
Well, ok….one last thing….Bamboo is an EXCELLENT fabric if your little one has sensitive or allergy prone skin as it has smooth, round fibres which don’t irritate the skin.
I promise I’m done now!

Now that we have their closet covered with stylish pieces they will also need a decent and practical bag to cart all their books, gym kit and who knows what else in. Practical doesn’t have to be boring though. There are a plethora of backpacks on the market with irresistible prints on them that even the most hip parent wouldn’t be ashamed to carry. You might want to bear this in mind simply because once our kiddo locks eyes on us at the end of the day they immediately see “pack horse” and guess who gets to carry the darn Power Rangers backpack…yep, you guessed it!

With all that in mind I want to make back to school shopping a little easier for you so i'm offering 20% off orders for $40 or more until Sunday August 20th with discount code "SUMMERSALE"

Anyway mama’s enjoy these last few weeks of chaos and we wish your littles a successful transition into the next school year xoxo

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